5 December 2010

It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out properly.  Seeing that I love making lists almost as much as puppies and ponies, here is a list of lists to catch up.  Sounds fun, no?

A list of Giving Thanks –

Like Halloween, Thanksgiving is a new holiday for me.  American history aside, I love the idea of having a day to be thankful and grateful.

Here are three little things to be grateful for:

-Parking ticket booth people who smile and greet you even though they work in a parking ticket booth
-Family members and friends who call to chat and touch base
-Having friends who arrive, answer, advise and are just generally ameezing

A List of News:

-My ameezing little brother Joel moved to Joburg (from Durban) on Tuesday.  I am so excited to have his gentle, kind, talented, ameezing self here.  And look foward to spending loads more time with him
-It started snowing in parts of the world where Christmases are white.  And suddenly facebook and emails were filled with photos of friends, loved ones, cousins all playing in the snow
-Joburg has emptied for the December holidays already.  And right on time.  Just when you think you couldn’t take another day in the chaos, you don’t have to

(And just because) A List of lessons learned the hard way:

-Oprah said it, my Mom said it, a bumper sticker said it.  And it really is true.  You teach people how to treat you
-Somehow, years after, one word can bring a flood of memories.  Moments that you weren’t even conscious of the first time  around.  Tsunamis enjoy the element of surprise as much as anybody
-Chubby girls should not get mushroom undercuts and wear cycling shorts, even if it is the 90’s


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