Jack Jack, the owl and the spritz bottle.

These are my brother Ty’s cats Jack Jack (white head) and Belle (brown head).  They are ex-orphaned brother and sister saved from certain death and a building site in Durban.  Belle is nimble and clever and quiet and loving and Jack Jack, well, he is bold and brash and clumsy and gets himself into all kinds of trouble.  So much so that he is no longer allowed to go for walks alone.  Now,  Ty and him go wandering around the parking lot and gardens every evening together.

A few nights ago, they were on their walk, Ty, water spritz bottle in hand (incase Jack Jack started any fights with other cats).  Ty looked up and suddenly noticed an owl gliding downwards from the dark sky and then gliding, silently across the parking lot.   At this point Ty thought, ‘hey, there’s a bird of prey’.  The owl glided straight past him and just before it reached Jack Jack it elongated its claws, like it was ready to catch a fish.  (Think the eagle in that terrible whiskey commercial).  And then, much to Ty’s horror, tried to pick up Jack Jack.  He said it made a loud clicking sound.  Ty got such a shock he started spritzing it with the water bottle.  It took off again (thankfully leaving Jack Jack where he was), circled above them for a bit and then sat in a tree and watched Ty trying to coax Jack Jack out from under a car.

My mom, who is a very clever lady, has a theory that the owl had babies somewhere near by and was warning Jack Jack not to get up to any funny business.

Whatever the reason,  Jack Jack’s life continues to be an adventure.  Ameezing.



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3 responses to “Jack Jack, the owl and the spritz bottle.

  1. MoVan

    Beautiful picture! Great story! Nice comment! 🙂

  2. Clinton

    What a tale! I think I was most captivated by Ty carrying a Spritzer bottle!

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