A Little Slice of Normal

I’m fascinated by the mundane.  The moments that we walk past continually and then, for reasons which are a mystery, these slices of normal catch your eye and you suddenly see them as if they are on display at a museum.  Here are a few slices that got me thinking about space, light, texture and the absurdity of the everyday.

Office Mannequin - Hillbrow

Bike Inside

Jacob on Andrew's Couch

Grey is the new Beige

Seeing New York in Hillbrow



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3 responses to “A Little Slice of Normal

  1. Karin

    wonderful fotos…..does Andrew paint ? there is an easel by the window

  2. MoVan

    That mannequin looks as if he could move at any moment.

  3. Yes, he paints and draws. The mannequin made me do such a double take, with a pounding heart.

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