Hello and Goodbye in pictures

This is Try.  Try got his name because he only has three legs.  Even though my fingers were numb with fear (I don’t like reptiles, give me spiders any day) I managed to touch his scales and was suprised by how plastic and waxy he felt.  The dog walked past and his neck area puffed up like a balloon.  I’m still not sure about reptiles, but maybe Try and I could get along.

Notes to set sail into the sky.

We were all standing looking at this gyroscope and I said, “I wish I wasn’t wearing a dress, I would love to try it”.  One of the guys said, “Here, use my shorts”.  And to my suprise took them off and handed them to me.  There was not much else to do but put them on and jump on the gyroscope.  It was fun to see the world upside down for a little while.

Lighting lanterns.

When I am 104 I would like one of these.

To use whilst wearing this.  Baby shower present for Eales/Baskind creature.

We had to put baby photos on the gifts.  This is Aadil and me.  When he saw this picture he said, “I would have held your hand round the playground anyday”.


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