Hello and Goodbye

It’s an extraordinary thing to go to a funeral and a baby shower on the same weekend.  It’s an even more extraordinary thing for both of them to be beautiful, sunny afternoon celebrations of life.

On Saturday we said goodbye to a close friend of Aadils, whose death, at 23, was a senseless tragedy.  But whose life, and memorial service ,was a wonderful acknowledgement of someone who lived so fully and well.  It was an inspiring afternoon and I think his loved ones were really good at honouring the kind of person that he was in an afternoon of many tears but also much laughter and joy.  There was sadness but also so much gratitude for the time that they had had with him.  He will be desperately missed but always loved and never forgotten.  Rest in peace Ameezing Simon.

Notes in the Sky - Saying Goodbye

On Sunday we said hello (well, almost) to Kezia and Shaun’s little girl creature.  Too exciting.  We picnic-ed under the trees at Emmarentia Dam and did not much else than eat, drink, watch Kezia and Shaun open a mountain of presents and snooze in the shade.  There was some sack racing, twister playing and frisbee throwing too.  It has been such an amazing experience to be close to someone going through the rollercoaster of nine months of growing a little creature.  I can’t, can’t wait to meet her and fear I may have fallen in love already.  Welcome to the world Ameezing little baby girl.

Saying Hello - with bunting and delicious punch


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3 responses to “Hello and Goodbye

  1. MoVan

    Lovely tributes, both! x x

  2. so special, life opens and closes everyday, and there’s no reason for it, but we still hold hope for it for the love of life and the love of knowing we loved well….ameezing.really.x

  3. kez

    I think she’ll think you’re ameeezing! You say hello to her everytime you see her.. From deer hunters toilet, to being left to arm a knight.. To being the first one to say something about my tight blondie t shirt stretching over my big tummy.. To making me pull the ‘almost gonne cry’ face on sunday with your thoughfulness..to sooo much more, you have been an awesome friend. Thank you xxx

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