Dating at 7am

The Ever Lovely Lindsay and I have a new pact.  I love friendship pacts.  I think it was Vada and Thomas J who first showed me how fun and bonding they can be.  The more time passes and life (and death) unfolds the more I realise that ‘Days of our Lives’ was right, like sand through the hour-glass, grain at a time, it’s going. Lived or not.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into…you know the rest.  So, to our pact.  Like those sweaty, cycling shorts wearing cyclist at Vida, we are going to meet once a week for breakfast.  This idea is something like the post-it note, simple yet genius and a complete necessity.   It may not be moving to Paris and opening a milliners together, but its a start.  I can’t wait.

Fancy times

Also fancy times



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3 responses to “Dating at 7am

  1. Lindsay-Jane Barnard

    These day will be my happiest – the ones that start with breakfast and you.
    That first pictures is also my favourite – it will be the one we show our kids and grandkids of how young and beautiful we were.

    To 7am dates, oh how I look forward to you.

  2. Karin

    what a wonderful pact!
    I meet every 2nd friday for lunch with my girlfriends and I would not miss it for anything! we try out wonderful new places and when one of us is sick we go to there home with a picnic lunch or woolies snacks,but still we all get together.

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