To Infinity and Beyond…

I’m a huge fan of the unexpected.  Like a life size lego Buzz Light Year cruising down William Nicol on a Thursday morning.  I managed to get the Ever Lovely Lindsay’s camera out of my bag just in time to take his picture before he sped off.  Where had he been?  Where was he going?  Who knows.  My guess, to infinity and beyond.



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5 responses to “To Infinity and Beyond…

  1. MoVan

    What a fantastic sighting! He was absolutely going to ‘infinity and beyond..’!

  2. Sgt. Pepper

    I’m afraid not. If you look closely, you’ll notice that he’s tied up and looks petrified.

    You should call the police.

    • MoVan

      Yes, tied up, but that quirky grin says he can break free at any moment, and be off to..’ infinity and beyond!’ or maybe just that toystore in Rosebank. 🙂

  3. jelena

    I wish he was going to an outer space adventure but I saw him in front of a toy store in Rosebank yesterday. Just thought you might want to go say hello. I like what you are doing here miss Camilla. I like it a lot:)

  4. ooh, myth busted. I will definately go and visit. Thank you Miss Jelena:)

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