This is a stick up.

My friend Ryan has been photographing his friends for years now.  So much so that we don’t even really notice any more.  Since my Blackberry and therefore camera is no longer with me I thought I would hijack three of my favourite images from his new set of photos.  I love how they capture such different moments.  Ryan + camera = Ameezing.

If I did have a camera today I would have photographed the dandelions on the side of the highway, a very Beyonce-esque girl with the most amazing blonde afro and anchor earrings for ‘People of Joburg’ and a fabulous stripey Country Road t-shirt to mms to the Ever Lovely Lindsay.


Beloved's Hand

Stiaan and Ty


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One response to “This is a stick up.

  1. Sgt. Pepper

    I miss my daily dose of Ameezing…

    Damn that motherfucker who stole your phone. I hope his favourite blogger dies.

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