Three times a charm…

As if a weekend filled with friends, picnics, movies, a little partying and the first glimpses of Spring wasn’t enough, I was super lucky to receive three ameezing gifts from three ameezing friends.  Out of the blue.  Just like that.  Truly ameezing.

The ever lovely Lindsay-Jane went to Parys on a little day trip last weekend and came back with some treasures.  I collect old tins and my collection grew this weekend by four family members.  The tiniest one had this beautiful old coin pendant and chain in it.  So, so special and lovely.  Just like Lindsay-Jane.

My dear friend Jacqui went home to Brisbane to visit family and friends for a few weeks.  Luckily for us Joburgers she returned on Saturday.  Out of her suitcase came this beautiful, little Christian Dior book wrapped in pink paper.  An early birthday present.  Maybe turning 30 is not going to be so bad after all.  Welcome back Jacwaleenie, Joburg is not the same without you.

Bernie Chin is my interweb pen pal.  A very good friend of Jacqui’s, we have never met in real life but meet on facebook often.  Bernie sent a little parcel over with Jacqui and in it were these fantastically wonderful stripey socks.  In the card Bernie said, ‘I saw on your blog that you liked a pair of knitted shoes in a video.  I cannot knit but love the Bonds home socks’.  Me too, me too!  One day Bernie and I will meet and drink tea and cut a rug and share some stories.  Until then I will drink tea and cut a rug in my fantastic socks.  Thank you, Bernie Ameezing Chin.


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2 responses to “Three times a charm…

  1. Karin

    Interestingly on the ” Nigroids ” tin it says from Ferris & Co Ltd……my maiden surname was….Ferris….my lineage is from England …..go figure

  2. Worth researching, maybe?

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