People of Joburg – Krugersdorp

Shorty’s real name is Esther, but she has been called ‘Shorty’ for as long as she can remember.  I asked her which famous person she would most like to marry and she replied, “Ag, no Camilla, I don’t want to get married.  But if I had to I would pick John Cena”.  When I looked at her blankly she said, “He’s a WWF International Fighting Champion”.  Ameezing.


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4 responses to “People of Joburg – Krugersdorp

  1. kez

    no ways.. were you there yesterday.. i saw her too!! i am sure she was wearing that! she’s so cool.. helps me everytime, makes me feel very VIP.. oo i love a good trip to krugersdorp.

  2. Little one

    i love this one. definately a favourite.

  3. I was there on Thursday. Shorty is ameezing, and a highlight of Krugersdorp everytime I go there.

  4. Megan

    I’m sorry, but John Cena is actually my future husband.

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