Here’s looking at You, ameezing reader…

Thank you, dear person of the world.  Yesterday Ameezing the little blog celebrated it’s 1000th view.  Thank you for your ameezing comments, phone calls about spelling mistakes and invaluable feedback.  They are all much appreciated. Thank you also to my beloved friends and dear Joburg for letting me document you unedited.  We’ve dipped our toes, now let’s go skinny dipping.

I want to start a side project on Ameezing called ‘People of Joburg’.  I drive around alot for my work and see many different types of Joburgers (oh how our new British world cup friends laughed at us calling ourselves Joburgers), and want to share some of them with you here.  I thought Fordsburg on a Tuesday afternoon was a good place to start.

People of Joburg – Fordsburg

I asked this snazzily dressed man shopping in a Chinese factory shop if I could take a photo of him and his daughter.  He checked with his wife first.  Fortunately, she said yes.


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