Bread, milk, trophy, teaspoons, lawnmower, towel with Zac Efrons’s face on it…

I had lived in Joburg for years before I’d even heard of Discount Warehouse.  A  huge, airport hanger sized building filled from floor to ceiling with anything you can imagine.  Guns, beds, plugs, posters, make-up, car speakers, baby toys, the thing you make poached eggs with, poker chips, fireworks, a dolphin shaped pencil holder that says ‘I me love you too mine friend’.  It’s all there.

Whilst it’s no Harrods at Christmas, it does have a bizarre ‘like with like no matter what’ aesthetic that is really interesting.  Next time you’re looking for pretty much anything in the universe that Woolworths doesn’t sell, and you don’t mind adding the VAT on in your head, make for Discount Warehouse.  Just don’t take pictures,  it makes them real moody.


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8 responses to “Bread, milk, trophy, teaspoons, lawnmower, towel with Zac Efrons’s face on it…

  1. Sgt. Pepper

    Looks awesome. Do they sell TV’s?

  2. ian

    I want discount warehouse to be my life. Where is it?

  3. Cousin Robyn

    I like all the pictures, but I like the writing even more. So I say keep it up with the pictures, but write write write. I like stories. This is more of a general blog comment than a post comment, but I don’t think you can leave general blog comments. Oh well. Just sharing.

  4. Discount Cash and Carry Warehouse
    8 Bonanza Street (Off Main Reef Road)
    Selby Ext 19
    Crown Mines
    (011) 836 3333

    Let me know what you found.

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