Solo Roadtripping

I’ve never been anywhere in South Africa alone. Yes, down the road, across the city, to Pretoria and back. But never more than two hours away by car.  Until Saturday morning.  What an extraordinary experience to throw my bags into the back of the car and hit the road. Just like that.  Listen to anything, eat all the snacks before Heidelberg, stop as often as I wanted, turn the aircon on, off, on, off.  Bliss.

It was a long drive and I did get tired eyes and a very numb ass, but it was also an ameezing voyage of independence and space for my brain to get some good ol’ fashioned thinking done.

I am also super grateful to my two brothers and army of friends who called, smsed, mmsed and called some more to check that I was safe.

I photographed the journey, although sadly missed taking a photo of the circle of shorts wearing Afrikaans men in Villiers who asked if I was okay.

*I only recommend solo road trips if you have a car that is in good working order and a sterling roadside assistance programme. Good.

Leaving frosty Joburg.

Pondering stuff.

Trying unsuccessfully three times to photograph this caravan.

Drinking loads of this.

Singing along with him.

Trying to pass lots of these.

Squinting into this.

Arriving here.



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5 responses to “Solo Roadtripping

  1. Karin

    wondeful writing Camils I totally get it

  2. kez

    i wonder what’s under that johnny cash cd???.. maybe that will be something we’ll just keep between us..

  3. james

    what is it !? i wanna know !

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