A post on posting posts

I wanted to have a chinwag with you about tattoos.  And on Thursday, the day that I wanted to do that, I spotted a really well dressed student type in the queue at the bank (I have internet banking but mysteriously always find myself in bank queues.)  His tattoo was the outline of the Joburg skyline along the side of his hand.  I’ve seen a couple of Joburg and Africa tattoos and his was one of the best.  Subtle, interesting, well done.  Everything a good tattoo should be.

So guess what I did when I had spotted the perfect Joburg tattoo on the day I wanted to write a post about tattoos? Nothing, a disappointing nothing. I looked at it alot, listened to the conversation he was having with his girlfriend, bit my lip a bit and tried to summon the nerve to say, ‘hello, I love your tattoo, please can I take a photo of it for my ameezing blog’. But…nothing.

Valuable blogging/life lesson number 14: Courage.

Find your inner Sartorialist and take him out for tea and scones, make him your side kick, your Jiminy Cricket, the Harold to your Maude. I photograph things and people alot for my job but when there was no veil of professionalism to dance behind, my pluckiness was  mysteriously gone.  No more, dear friend, no more.

Someone who has courage in truck loads is my ameezingly talented little brother, JOEL JANSE VAN VUUREN.  He has a couple of tattoos and this is his latest one.  My dad draws trees and drew this one for Joel.  Ameezing.




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4 responses to “A post on posting posts

  1. Karin

    a truly amazing story and tattoo ,not to mention the broad shoulders and tiny waist that is the perfect bod/canvas

  2. MoVan

    That tattoo is such a compliment, too, isn’t it? It’s truly ameezing!!

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