This is my friend Jacqui. Jacqui moved to Joburg about a year ago from Brisbane, Australia to be with her beloved, Ryan.  She is an amazing cook and one of the best Beatles Rock Band drummers in town.  I am constantly so inspired by Jacqui’s grace, magnetism, love for Ryan, warm spirit, board game skills, view on South African politics and knowledge of all things Joburg.  Yesterday Jacqui said to me: “I always wonder, what would Audrey Hepburn do?”.  I loved that.

She has taught me the importance of really listening to someone, how to be better at living in Joburg and that my way below average drumming skills can be honed with loads of practice. Thank you Jacqui, you are ameezing.



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3 responses to “Jacqui

  1. Jacqui

    Thank you Camilla. Joburg is ameezing because of ameezing friends like you xx

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